So, Trailblazer Gathering has come and gone…

Dear followers: For the past week I was in Asheville, NC for something called Trailblazer. I tried to make a speech about my upcoming year and I had nothing prepared, so I didn’t say most of what I wanted to say. So now, I’m making a blog post instead. For more info about Trailblazer, see its website: trailblazergathering.com/ [plans for 2014 are in the works!] -N

Hi Trailblazers. I’ve been thinking a lot about my next twelve months since I left Asheville, and I’ve decided that I’m going to conduct an entrepreneurial enterprise whilst hitchhiking.

And right after that, I’m gonna marry the pope. Bullshit aside, I’m tired of hearing the word entrepreneur and I think hitchhiking sounds like no fun whatsoever [and my mom would probably have back-to-back panic attacks]. And if I was gonna get married, it wouldn’t be to the pope, for God’s sake. [Gross.]

Thing is, I don’t like the notion that I have to soar blindly out of my comfort zone in order to Grow As A Person or live a Meaningful Life. My tolerance for taking risks is kind of low. I mean, I know I have to take them, and I do, but when I do, I prefer to do it like this:

"OhmyGod this is scary I’m freakingoutI’mfreakingout — wait, wait, did I do it? Oh my God I think I did. Whew. Is that enough for today? Yes? Okay. I’ll try and do a little more tomorrow. But for now, let’s go back to that comfort zone for a little while."

And I’m doing pretty good.  The world’s confusing. Seeing too much more of it, I feel, would be more exhausting, not less.

My point here is, I think it’s okay to not want to circumnavigate the globe or anything like that. I certainly don’t want that. And I think that’s a message that gets overlooked.

So if I’m staying home, what am I gonna do there? Let’s move on. This is supposed to be about what I’m gonna do next year, after all.

You all know already that I’m into libraries. Library science is a very academic-oriented field, but there are many things I can do there and many ways I can learn without pursuing a degree [such as a Master’s in Library Science, which seems to be common]. So now I need to figure out what those things actually are. That might include figuring out what it is people actually do in library school, what books get read/are good, cruising the interwebs for stuff about libraries, and of course, that all-time favorite, volunteering my ass off.  In fact, tomorrow I’m going to drive to my favorite library and work in the children’s section for probably like five hours. [the whole afternoon.]

I also have a job application to fill out, for the exact library I plan to work at this summer for free. This is part of my strategy to make everyone else at the library wonder why I am not getting paid. No, seriously, I have a plan here. Hopefully, it will all add up to paid work. [Wow!]

And, in the midst of the summer reading program, I of course will do my own summer reading. Mostly for fun, of course.

Attending Matt S.’s workshop about event planning has given me ideas for my own event [probably a NBTSC grad meetup or something of that nature], but those ideas are in their infancy, so I don’t know if that’s at all feasible.

I need to do some thinking about my own mental health, too. Because, although I’m probably never gonna be a hitchhiker, I am more anxious than I’d like to be. So I need to figure something out. [And I am working on that.]

And I might learn a skill or two that I can use to impress girls. [So, if anybody knows what usually impresses cute queer girls and makes them smile and stuff, call me.]

Nola, that sounds [great/lame/long-winded/whatever]! Can I [call/text/facebook/skype/email/visit/maybe something else] you?

Of course you can! Email, facebook and phone number are all available through the Trailblazer facebook group.
I’ll post my Skype handle on facebook too, since I don’t feel good about ~all of tumblr~ possibly having my Skype. If you add me, just mention your name and the fact that you went to Trailblazer and I should accept your request within a few days or so.

Visitors to my house are often wonderful. My folks and I have hosted many couchsurfers and Servas travelers, and if your sorta-near future plans involve traveling to Alabama, hit me up. I live near Tuscaloosa. Sometimes we’re not up for visitors, but don’t let that stop you from contacting me about a place to stay.

That’s about it. This ended up being pretty long. Whoops. The rest of this blog is way less personal and serious.

I wish good things for all of you! God bless,


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